October 14, 2021

Better Husband, Better Father

My Family Comes First

My family has and always will come first in my mind. That does not mean that I have upheld this ideal to the fullest. Just like anything else in life becoming a good husband and a good father requires that you keep trying to improve. I do believe I am a good husband and a good father, but I am not a GREAT husband nor am I a GREAT father. I want nothing more than to become great and by my standards, I may never reach it, but I'll be damned if I don't keep on trying to reach for the highest standards imaginable. Sometimes this requires me to do better for myself and my own health, both mental and physical, so I can be better for my family.

Making A Better Husband

Every woman out there probably wants to know how to make a better husband and I'm going to let that secret out fella's I'm sorry. The ONLY way to get a better husband is for your husband to want to be a better husband. My wife has never given me a reason to not want to be a better husband. We are always communicating and if one of us ever has an issue with something you can be sure that it will come up in a conversation sometime soon. We are a team and we decided to be in this marriage together. Throughout this blog category, you will find various posts about how I am attempting to make myself a better husband. I hope someone can learn from our relationship.

Becoming A Better Father

I believe that naturally wanting to become a better husband will push me into becoming a better father. My son is currently only 10 months old and while I have time to improve I do not have time to mess around. It really hit me after he was born that I was a father so I began reading books, downloading audiobooks, and reading articles on raising a son. Do you know what I found out? There are a lot of opinions out there and none of us know anything. The best we can do is continue to learn, grow, and strive to do better on a daily basis. I can only hope to be half of the man my father was, but I do hope to build upon his legacy and be a GREAT father to my son.

Participating In Your Community

Since the birth of my son, I have taken great interest in my local community. I need to leave my children with something worth a damn in this world. I need to provide my son with a safe home and community that he can thrive within. I need to fight for the improvement of my community because my family lives here. I wish I had taken more interest in my community before now and I wish more people would take an interest, but it's not always easy when you move from place to place. It's almost like starting all over again...hopefully as I navigate my community it will help others take into consideration what they could be doing in their own community.

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