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I have owned my own business since about 2017 and since 2020 I have worked full-time at Georgia State University as a Web Developer. It takes work and practice, but I have managed to separate my work lives and currently I am carving out my family and personal life in the mold so that everything runs nice and smooth.


As the owner of my own business I have a lot of things on my plate at any given time, but I am not in a rush to jump the gun. I want to make something special and I'll be patient.


GSU gets my full attention during the daylight hours and is my primary source of work. I manage working two demanding jobs by relying on trusted peoples & processes.


There are a variety of  "professional" personal projects that I take on when it so interests me. For instance, I have been developing a video game for the past year or so.
October 18, 2021
Work-Life Balance During COVID

The New Normal Everything's been turned on its head during 2020, but in some ways, it hasn't really been that bad. Take working at home for instance...I'm not sure about your particular situation, but over the past year, I have worked from my house only recently returning downtown two days of the week. I'm sure […]

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