Education is Continuous

It's true that you never stop learning and while I'm not a huge fan of the school system it is the system that we currently have. We must learn to "play the game" and progress forward as individuals and then as a whole.


I earned my high school diploma in 2006 from Fayetteville Christian School in Fayeteville, North Carolina. I enjoyed my friendships, but I hated school.


Not much changed following the military other than I had a better head on my shoulders. I was able to focus and graduate with my bachelors from Methodist University.


Honestly, I never considered going back to school, but given that GSU will provide a certain amount of credit hours for free I think I'll go get my MBA or MS in Marketing.
October 18, 2021
Earning A Master's Degree

I Am Not A Fan of School I've always hated school and find it hilarious that I work at a college. I find the school system to be quite annoying, tedious, and not at all good for creating smarter individuals. The entire system is based on bringing everyone up to the same level, which naturally […]

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