October 18, 2021

Earning A Master's Degree

I Am Not A Fan of School

I've always hated school and find it hilarious that I work at a college. I find the school system to be quite annoying, tedious, and not at all good for creating smarter individuals. The entire system is based on bringing everyone up to the same level, which naturally goes against those that already have some sort of brain. Homework is supposed to be for practice, yet it is graded so everyone has a chance to earn a good grade. Depending upon the teacher this system can be quite a problem for certain young individuals. Aside from the smarter individuals, you'll find that those who struggle with their studies have a hard time getting assistance in catching up to the class. Everyone learns in a different way and our public school systems to not account for that in the slightest. Maybe one day we will get there...I keep forgetting how young humanity really is in the grand scheme of the modern world.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Throughout my life I've made moves to put myself in positions to accept opportunities that exist. I joined the military and earned the G.I. Bill to reattend school and now, working at a college, I may have the opportunity to take up to 9 credit hours per month toward another degree. As things continue to settle I believe I will go back and get my Masters, but it's a bit more complicated than that it seems. I've been told that a Master's in Marketing is considered a specialty degree, but an MBA in Marketing would not which makes it eligible for me to use my benefits to obtain. I can't wait too long or I feel I will never take advantage of the opportunity I have. This is one of my definite moves in the next 1-3 years. I think it would be such a waste to let go without at least trying.

Appeal To Authority

I find that the more educated an individual becomes the more apt they are to appealing to the authorities around them. One of the biggest things I am learning and keeping in touch with in Free Masonry is keeping alive the ideals of individuality and individual freedom. We must remain intellectual and willing to debate our different ideas to find the truth of the matter and come to the best conclusion possible. I want to keep this mentality moving forward and while I do tend to know a lot about Marketing or Business I know very little about other paths in life as compared to some of my peers. I will focus on keeping my head on straight and remaining humble. Far too often we find overly educated individuals thinking they are better than someone more educated in life than school.

Learning Never Ends

If learning truly never ends in the world then it is my duty and obligation to take advantage of educational opportunities afforded to me. I must make the world a better place for my son and those that come after me. My concept of making the world a better place might be a bit skewed though. Do we all need to be super man or bring clean water to dozens of villages in another country to make the world a better place? Those things may help or directly make the world a better place, but you can also indirectly make the world a better place in a number of different ways. I could develop a game that brings couples together and makes them closer for playing together. I could create a garden in my backyard and give out free food when we harvest for the house. I could join a fraternity and help give back to the world in a variety of ways like I am currently in the process of doing. I am good at marketing, programming, and web development so let's see what I can do with my skills to make things better for my son and others.

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