November 2, 2021

A Halloween of Firsts

My Son's First Halloween

This 2021 Halloween season in my sons first experience with the holiday. It's one of our favorites so we definitely had some fun dressing up, walking the neighborhood, and giving this experience to my son at such an early age. Our costumes were the three little pigs while our dog, Hunny Bunn, was the big bad wolf. This got quite a few chuckles from family and neighbors alike, but I've seen some pretty good ones this year. William has always been pretty content with watching people so he did great especially considering he actually kept his piggy hat on the whole time. When he gets to be a teenager he's definitely not going to want to dress up with mom and dad so we've got to get our fun in now while we can.

First Unassisted Steps

William wasn't satisfied with this only being his first Halloween. During the daytime, William took his first unassisted steps. He's been able to crawl around and even stand himself up to shimmy along with furniture for a while now. He's still not walking on his own, but it was awesome to help him stand, see him easily holding himself in a standing position, and then take a few unassisted steps toward me before falling into my outstretched arms. Brittany recorded the whole thing and I cannot stop watching or showing off the video in complete awe. This little guy is growing up so fast and I'm glad I get to take part in all of it.

First Party At Our Home

On top of William having a few firsts we also had out first Halloween party at our newly purchased home. We have never truly thrown a Halloween party of our own without going to my in-law's house. We don't really know anyone down in Georgia, so it was mainly just family, but it was really fun to fire up the grill, get the firepit going, and decorate for a party. We really have a great outdoor space for partying, so I foresee some larger and more successful parties in the future. Apparently, Jim, from the Mason's Lodge, says there are quite a few social butterflies in the lodge so our schedule will be filling up here pretty soon. That's great because it seems to be one of the biggest things we're missing here in Georgia so far.

First Year Coming To An End

We're not quite at the end, but as the holidays come we're counting the days. It hasn't even been a full 6 months yet at our new house, but we've really gotten a lot done. There's still a bit more work to do here or there, but I can already feel things coming together and finding a place of their own. We need to keep this momentum into 2022 as we look at improving things around the property moving forward. One of the next projects up is to replace the cabinetry in the kitchen. Another is to fix the fencing we will see how that all works out. Brittany is already looking at getting another dog for Hunny Bunn and I am looking at rehoming the Ferrets so they have a better experience rather than surviving in the upstairs room without much human interactive playtime. It's really not fair to them, but life happens. I'm not willing to just get rid of them to anyone, because these are animals we care about and my experience is that many people don't keep Ferrets very long. Lot's to do, but we will just keep on truckin'...Happy Halloween and Happy Holidays!

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